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Most common foot problems dealt with - from cutting difficult ,badly shaped and thick nails,

removing painful corns and calloused areas to advice and treatment for athletes foot -

( tinea pedis ), veruccas and so on.

Hot, tired feet ( often due to flattened arches) may also lead to excessive perspiration , build up of fungal activity and a rather unpleasant odour. These kinds of problems can be dealt with relatively easily.

If you are diabetic, it is important that you keep your feet in good condition and have them regularly checked. Just small infections can lead to potentially serious complications.

Hopefully, after treatment, your feet will at the very least feel fresher and much more comfortable.

Plantar foot, foot problems, infections, flat feet,bunions,corns,callous,blisters,fungal nail,verruca,athletes foot
Foot massage,muscular pain,metatarsals
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