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Robert Deakin


Robert Deakin, chiropodist,mobile,home visit

I qualified as a chiropodist back in 1997 at the SMAE Institute in Maidenhead.

Since then I have had both mobile and surgery practices but find that due to the limited number of chiropodists doing home visits to patients , that a visiting practice has kept me busier and is much appreciated as a service.

I usually try to allow a good half hour for treatments, though sometimes, especially on a first visit , this can take a little longer. If you are diabetic, then you will be aware just how important it is to have your feet regularly attended to.

But even if you are just wanting to get your feet into better shape for your holiday then a half hour visit can make a difference.

Give me a call, text, email and I'll try to fit in with you the best I can. Usually a day or two ahead I can maybe find a time to suit you but the further you book ahead, then obviously the easier it is.

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